humane/character education   

Using true stories to inspire kids (& their grown-ups) to care for people, animals & the planet 

our "solutionary story" children's book  

Based on the true story of a real-life Solutionary Kid named Senna, who helps the sea lions. 

(Click on photo below to see the 5-minute TEDx Talk by Senna.)


                                              (Click on the book image to purchase -- all proceeds go to marine mammal rescue & humane education! )

our k-3 program -- coming soon!

                                       Solutionary SuperKids: A K-3 character/humane education lesson guide & coloring book. 

our class & group presentations

Do you know that nine U.S. states — including California — have laws in their education code that require the teaching of humane education for K-12 students? 


Our founder, Meeg Pincus, M.A., is available to do a Solutionary SuperKids presentation for students in grades K-6. 

She can kick off your own K-3 program (using the "Solutionary SuperKids Program Guide & Coloring/Activity Book" -- COMING SOON!), or she can do a one-time visit to share inspiring stories of real kid Solutionaries with your students.

Because Meeg's program uses picture book biographies of real Solutionaries, you can connect this character/humane education curriculum with many subject areas: literature, social studies, STEM, arts (& more!).

OUR inspiration:

"We have a clear, though challenging, task ahead of us. If we raise a generation to be truly wise and deeply compassionate, we can change the dangerous course we are on."   - Zoe Weil, Founder, Institute for Humane Education 

 "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
- Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank